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The Edge of Never

The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski

"I won't have a one-night stand with you, but I will make you come, if you let me."2.5 stars. HOLD UP A SEC. I THOUGHT THIS WAS ABOUT A ROAD TRIP.(in my best small child voice) "Let's gather 'round the sharing circle, everyone. It's time to talk about The Edge of Never."Ms. Stacia : Well, class. Who's read the assignment? Several students raise their hands.Ms. Stacia : And who enjoyed the book?Several students raise their hands.Ms. Stacia : And who did not enjoy the book?A few shy students raise their hands.(the sound of shoes clicking resonates through the room as Ms. Stacia walks over to one of the students in the back)Ms. Stacia : You, there. Yes, you. The one with the colorful avatar. Why did you like about The Edge of Never?Just as one student begins to answer, everyone else jumps in and begins to exclaim their feelings of enthusiasm over the book.For those of you who haven't read Edge of Never, let me think about what I could say to help you decide whether or not you want to read this book. There were :Girl smirks. A long road trip, both on a bus and in a car. Incessant gesturing. Some awkward sentence structures. Dual PoV's which are often hard to distinguish as individual. A respectable slow-build relationship which switches into unexpectedly hot territory without warning. A genuinely moving look at personal loss and the comfort that people can find in one another. Some downright sexy and eye-raising cunninninnninningulus (FFS, I can't spell that word, but I did laugh at Urban Dictionary's definition). An ending which did make me sniffle a little.I didn't hate this book like I thought I might. Honestly. I did not love it, but I liked it okay. This might not be the first time where I've mentioned that a story has split personalities, but this might be the most accurate description for The Edge of Never.The first half is a slow build. Did this slow build serve a purpose? I will hesitantly say yes. Most relationships aren't as believable if you don't give characters time to bond. Unfortunately, bonding while discussing today's pop vs. yesterday's classic rock isn't really a big grabber, story-wise. I also hated the pre-bus part of the story. The friend was an idiot who only served as a vehicle to get Camryn the heck outta dodge. I think the friend story line is going to turn some people off from continuing on with the book, and they might end up missing out on something that they would enjoy because of it.The second half is one part WOO HOO SEXY TIME, one part HOLY CRAP, THAT CAN'T BE GOOD, one part HERE'S WHERE WE COMPROMISE AND FIGURE OUT WHAT TO DO, and one part HERE COMES THE ANXIETY. I admit to being a little confused over the entire "own me, I like it rough" conversations. I'm all for people admitting their desires and fetishes, but there was no real completion to this angle. We saw genuine desperation that bordered on obsession (which didn't bother me for once because I felt the pain and desire in what was implied), but other than talking about "needing to be owned," we never saw this couple explore that part of their inner workings to the degree which I was expecting after the conversation came up. I went from thinking that this book would be a "sweet" romance to thinking that it was getting downright kinky after a scene which came out of NOWHERE. By the time we got to the end of the book, I was half-hoping that Cam and Andrew were going to break out into hardcore BDSM territory. Okay, so it wasn't actually going to go there, but what was UP with some of those teasing conversations?This book had a better second half. If you struggled like me with the first half, I'd say to keep going, because we get to something eventually. The ending could have gone either way and I would have been fine, but given Cam's earlier experiences, the ending that was chosen seemed fitting. I thought the baby thing was not needed though. That tipped the scales over into "too much" territory.Love Story - OkayConstruction/Timeline of Events - Very PoorEmotional Pull - GreatLikability of Main Characters - OkaySteam - Very Good (on the explicit end for NA)Cheese Factor - Average to Poor (some phrasing made me cringe)Clinginess - High (tread carefully if you aren't a fan, but I felt it fine/appropriate for this particular story)Fans of emotional love stories will want to add Edge of Never to their list. If you can handle a slow-starting book, the end will reward you with a fine payout.