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Beautiful Bastard

Beautiful Bastard - Christina Lauren Adult review for erotic content.Hoo boy. This is going to be one rambling review. Prepare yourselves because we're going in. 1.5 stars. Do I lead off with the fan-fiction talk? Okay, sure. Let's go back to the beginning. I think that I might have had this book confused with something else when I requested it. Anyway, it turns out that Beautiful Bastard is fan-fiction (Twilight FF, no less...yet I'd heard this was actually one of the early ones - pre FSOG, I think?). This story was originally titled The Office. Yes, a lot of people have made comments about the t.v. show (I prefer the U.S. version, don't hate me!). Let's get real though...I think I would have rather read a sexy fan-fiction about the show. COME ON, you know this could have been gold!Alas, there was no sexy time with Dwight, Jim, or Pam. So what are my thoughts about fan-fiction? I understand why some people feel like no one should profit off of taking another person's characters or world and embellishing upon them. It doesn't really bother me personally, as long as it's made known who the original author is. But again, I understand why some people find it to be morally wrong, even if this doesn't really set me off. I tend to see red more so when I feel like a book has blatantly ripped off another book and it's NOT labeled as fan-fiction, because then the original author is NOT getting credit for creating the world. But anyway, back to this book. Instead of sexy t.v. fan-fiction, we get repetitive, boring, office sex with this book's version of Edward and Bella doing the "how many pairs of underwear can we ruin?" dance. He kept all of her underwear in a drawer. Am I the only one who is now picturing serious funk smell in that office?Oh, also, I felt her up in an elevator and was hoarding her shredded panties in a drawer. Creeper.Bennett, recognizing the problem is the first step. Congratulations.It's good to know that I'll never fail to run out of 'love is a drug' references in cheesy romance/erotica. Ever. If I'd known that I'd still be doing this a year later I would have kept a list, because it's now at the point where I laugh myself silly any time it comes up.But I also knew I couldn't stop. I had turned into a junkie, living for my next fix.It satiated the hunger I felt at that moment, but like a junkie I found myself consumed by the need for more as soon as it ended.I craved her like a drug, and this feeling consumed my every waking thought.The drama was pointless. He'd stalk her, she'd get angry (or slap him in the face), and they'd have makeup sex. Rinse, repeat. For about 25 more times. THIS is not a story. THIS is not a story. THIS is NOT a story. Hey, I'm more than okay with PWP (porn without plot) erotica, but if we're gonna go that route, either the story needs to be about half the length (a quickie just to get you going), or it has to be written by an author who writes the best damn sex you've ever read, to the point where you forget to look for a story. Unfortunately, the sex wasn't THAT good. Sure, it was hot, but a lot of the scenes were very similar. Btw...ripping buttons off shirts is such a "throw everything off the desk" type of 80's plot device. I was already bored after about the second panty rip, but they're ripping buttons too? Woo hoo? Am I supposed to be excited by this? I'd rather just see the guy slam the chick into the wall if he needs to have her that bad. Ruining clothes is only hot the first time it happens. Then it's just like some cheesy frat guy crushing a beer can on his head because he can.Good to know that Bennett has his own inner goddess. He had a 'small voice' inside of his head telling him that he might never get enough of Claire. I wonder if his inner goddess also does backflips.He also smirked a lot. Where have I seen this before? Oh right, this came before FSOG. Even still...3 smirks per book - max. So why the extra half star? I loooooooved the dirty talk near the end. If there was one shining moment about this book, it was that the dirty talk was seriously hot during the last couple of sexual encounters.Eh, you win some and you lose some. Thankfully, this was a fast read. I don't need to waste too much thought on wishing for my lost time back.This book provided from the publisher through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.