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Outlander - Diana Gabaldon There are books you love, books you hate, and books you have no strong opinion about one way or the other.Even the books that fall into the "love" column rarely have but a few quotes and passages you'll remember. Maybe a specific character stuck out in your mind or something like that.Then there came Outlander, a category unto itself. There is no explanation for why - it just is. The story, the characters, the events - all of it will be burned on my brain in such a way that no other book has managed to accomplish.Did I love every single thing about this book? Not exactly. I'm an admitted skimmer of some of the wordier stories and happenings. That said, there was so much that I did love about the story, that there could have been fault after fault and I still would have raved about the lives and struggles of Jamie and Claire.This book has it all. History, lore, violence, sex...even a bit of magic. I officially know more about medicinal uses for plants than I ever thought I'd need to know, but who knew it could be so fascinating?