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Revelations (Blue Blood Novels)

Revelations - Melissa  de la Cruz The first few chapters of this one were strange. I almost forgot what series I was reading for a minute. Once I got over that little speedbump, the rest of the book was a lot of fun, especially the end battle scene. I knew what was coming with Bliss, but still managed to find a few things that surprised me, which is always a bonus.Two (minor) complaints about the book :1. It felt short. I was able to read it in less than an hour and a half, with only a tiny bit of skimming. Sometimes a short book is a great way to pass a lazy afternoon without feeling a huge burden, but in this case, I almost felt like it hampered some of the storyline with so many rotating viewpoints. Right when I started to get interested in something that was happening, the chapter would end and I'd be rushed off to another side story.2. The "did they or didn't they?" issue. I do understand that YA is a mixed bag when it comes to sex. Some authors will go there (and are even ballsy enough to give a decent amount of detail), and some won't. I'm fine with it going either way, since if I have a burning urge to go read a sex scene, I can pick up an adult book. What I don't like though is when authors go so far in their "fade to black" that I'm wondering if something even happened. It happened in the book Shiver when Sam ducked over the covers with Grace and I realized after the fact that they had just had a "personal moment." This book had me wondering a few times if some of the characters were hooking up or not. They're on the floor kissing, they fall asleep and wake up in each other's arms. Did they or didn't they? Sheesh...just make it clear one way or the other!Nothing about either of those complaints is a big deal because the book was still a lot of fun. It's not my favorite YA vamp series (or even my second or third), but I'm still quite fond of the Blue Bloods world. I find the angel to vamp origins and the reincarnation storyline entertaining, as well as the soulmates being reborn as family members scandalous, but intriguing.