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Dream of Me/Believe in Me

Dream of Me/Believe in Me - Josie Litton 5/19/2013 - Since I have this shelved as both books in one, the non-review for book 2 is added here. I honestly tried to read Believe in Me, the sequel to Dream of Me but had to DNF it. This wasn't even because there was anything wrong with the story. I'm sure it would have turned out fine, probably would have been a sweet romance. Unfortunately, because I was so enamored with book 1's representation of the Viking lore and how it intertwined with the love story, I found myself frustrated with book 2's sparse Saxon representation. I got about 40% in and realized that I was forcing myself to read, so I finally decided to throw in the towel.I will still give book 3 a shot at some point. The review below is about my love for book 1, which I read about a month ago. 4.5 stars for Dream of Me.Perhaps he wouldn't have to kill all of them. It was preferable to leave some alive who could speak of how they had been undone.Yes, I had to pillage (hah) the Vikings t.v. show pictures because the show is one of my new obsessions. If you get a chance to watch this epic show before reading the book (History channel is running a series 1 marathon this Sunday!), it will put the imagery into the forefront of your mind and allow you to envision the characters' world.My first Viking romance was a huge success. I was half afraid that the brutality would be extremely watered down in favor of a sweet romance but I think the author did an excellent job of showing various Viking evils (the motto could have been : rape, kill, plunder) while still managing to humanize her characters enough to balance with the limit of what a reader would want to be subjected to.Our lead character Wolf did have a heart, but he was still a man of his time. He was described as eyes aglow like the animal whose name he bore; this was a figure out of a nightmare. While he had an ample dose of affection for his wife, his character was never completely changed in order to try and be delicate, which works with a time that wasn't PC in any sense of the term. His place was to rule and conquer, and this was never forgotten.So much for dragging her naked and ravaged in chains through the streets, Wolf thought ruefully.While few people like to read about men who consider their women as property, I wouldn't expect anything less from the portion of history represented. Because I knew what to expect, I enjoyed the story for what it was.From the very start, I was captivated by Wolf's desire for Cymbra.What really balanced the story for me was that Cymbra was a strong and wise woman. Her beauty was the hook, but her resolve was the thing which made her a good choice of mate for Wolf. She challenged all of his beliefs and ways of doing things.He was hardly the sort to give up; the battle between them was only just begun.There is much that I could say about this story but I'd wish for everyone to experience it for themselves. This was my first Viking romance but it won't be last, now that I know that this can be done in such a way to satisfy both the need to read something realistic as well as beautiful. Absolutely. Glorious. Story."I love the way you can make me so helpless yet so protected, too."