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Under the Dome

Under the Dome - Stephen King Finished after almost a week of reading. I liked this for the most part, but by about the 85% mark, I was screaming STFU Mr. King! in my head. Watch an inside look at the upcoming t.v. show here.Great storytelling and characterization is present, and it gives enough weight to cancel out some of the over-excessive descriptions and random add-ins. But only to a certain extent. Obviously, my opinion matters little, since Stephen King is popular enough that he can write everything as long-winded as he'd like and tell us all to move along if we aren't happy with it.This was a disturbing, gory, graphic and engrossing read. The cast of characters varied from sane to insane, which made for a lot of booing and cheering when it came to following everyone's individual stories.Quick Story Synopsis : One small town is minding their own small-town business when from out of nowhere, a dome closes over their town, shutting them off from the rest of the world. They can see the world, but can't get to it. What caused this dome to appear? Nobody knows and answers aren't so quick to be found. Can you imagine what people would do in such a situation? What if supplies ran out? What if law and order suddenly ceased to exist? If you can think of all the horrific things which could happen, chances are many of those exact things are happening in this book.Ever heard of the term "shit hits the fan?" Yep. You guessed it.I can't really review this book further without giving away big plot reveals. In a nutshell, I'll go back to what I said above : there was a story worth reading, but I don't know if I'll ever fully embrace King's style of over-descriptive writing. If there's a hair growing out of a mole on a person's face, chances are, we'll hear about it. Also, I always feel like there's some soap-box opinions being brought to us through the writing. I prefer not to have to read about politics and religion in books when it becomes sort of nit-picky. That's just my personal preference.Do I think this is going to make for an interesting t.v. show? Probably. At least I think there's room for a lot of crazy potential, although some scenes might have to be downgraded in content to meet mainstream t.v. requirements.I'll be watching it even if it's horrible though because of Mike Vogel, who is playing my favorite character Barbie from the book.Shallow? Probably. Sue me. :p