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Iced (Dani O'Malley Series #1)

Iced (Dani O'Malley Series #1) - Ignore what I said last night. Sleep is a myth. I will now continue anyway. There are a few minor plot spoilers, but most of my discussion is about character reactions to Dani, so know that there will be a few small spoilers going into this review if you haven't read Iced. If you haven't at least read the Fever series, I'd say to tread with extreme caution.Death on her left.Devil on her right....and so begins the first chapter in the story of Dani O'Malley's life.I was one of the people who was on the fence about this series because Fever wrapped up in a decent way and sometimes it's tricky to move past a HEA. I didn't necessarily dislike Dani from the Fever series but she was never a character I cared about either. I guess I should address the one subject that everyone seems to be talking about : one very young teen girl and the older men who all seem to have staked an interest in her.Christian - Truth be told, he never made much of an impression on me back in Fever. I never really got why people had an interest in him. He was just there. Now, my feelings are mixed. Even being inside of his head and knowing what he's thinking and feeling about Dani, I still don't get it. If she were even a couple of years older, it would make more sense (why Moning didn't start this series 2 years after the collapse, I'll never know...). I get that a sixteen or seventeen year old girl might feasibly be visible as an "almost" woman to a man in his early twenties. I don't get that a fourteen year old girl would show up on a man's radar under most circumstances, regardless of much real world experience she has had with being forced to grow up fast. Dani's survival skills are still not making up for the fact that she has zero experience with the male species. So yeah...it's not the underage thing that has me squicked out (case in point : I love Rose and Dimitri), it's the degree of how underage she is.I'm so torn. This new "whipped" Christian has me a bit perplexed. Even taking the age thing out of the equation, this "fast fall" is strange to me. Not sure why it wasn't just about unexplained attraction instead of this all-consuming desire. Couldn't this have been given time to build at least over the course of a book or two? He's sappy, creepy and bizarre in one instant, then extremely hot in another. I hate, yet love, how he's feeling from one moment to the next. Gah, it kills me sometimes because I feel like his feelings are wasted on this girl who doesn't appreciate any of it...sigh."Say my name, lass.""Say my fucking name!"I'm not surprised to feel myself trembling. I'm touching my goddess."Lass, doona be looking up at me like that. On the other hand, do. Yes. Yes. Exactly like that. Princess, you're slaying me."Just one time before I turn into the villain of this piece, just one time before I become the fourth and final Unseelie prince, I want to be her Highlander. And her hero.If he killed her I'm going to beat him bloody and eat him piece by piece, slowly, with steak sauce.Peek inside the spoiler for a possible relative of Christian's : Ryodan - He's been on my radar since back in the Fever days. Mysterious people will always get me to pause. He is my V'lane of this series. I need to know more about what's under the facade. I took up too much space on Christian, so I'm glad I can't wax poetic on this character because we don't know enough about him yet. Can you blame me for wanting to know more?"You're distressing Dani. No one distresses Dani but me.""Isn't that quaint. The chivalrous Unseelie prince with the dick of death."Jo - Eh. If Ryodan's going to end up with anyone, I hope it's not her. I'm thinking (maybe wishful thinking) that he's only keeping Jo close and protecting her because she's important to Dani. And it's easier to keep someone close to protect if you give off the illusion that you're interested. The scene at the start where Ryo's challenging Christian with his looks makes me think that he's biding his time and waiting for Dani to grow up also.Lor - To quote Dani, "Dude." I like this dude. He's a most awesome sidekick.Dancer - I don't know if I trust him completely, but there is something likable about how smart he is.Okay, character assessment over. The book itself carried the same intricate world building as Fever and I love how every adventure ties back to a bigger picture. I have the feeling that this is going to be a fun thrill ride...and I'm looking forward to the inevitable sexy time that will come eventually (at least down the road after a few books) when Dani grows up. Moning has this way of dangling that carrot on a stick for us, making us want to follow it until we get our reward.