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Ten Tiny Breaths

Ten Tiny Breaths  - K.A. Tucker Old MacKacey had a farm. E-I-E-I-O. And on this farm she had a Trent. E-I-E-I-O.With a wink, wink, here and a smirk, smirk, there. Here a wink, there a wink, everywhere a wink, wink.Old MacKacey had a farm. E-I-E-I-OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH...2.5 stars. Sleepy Stacia after a long weekend = nothing in the bag of tricks other than some random thoughts. I'll avoid non-tagged major spoilers of specific outcome-revealing details, but there will probably be dancing around general plot points of the book and commentating on some of the events. I'm going to give my final verdict upfront : I liked Ten Tiny Breaths enough to read all the way through. This was mainly because of my curiosity to see how Kacey would fare, as well as what would happen with Mia, Storm, and Livie. I did not like the character of Trent. At ALL. He would wink and smirk and wink and smirk. He never really showed anything of himself until pretty far into the book (just showing up, hanging around, and looking hot is not enough for me). Kacey observed from the get-go that it seemed like he knew something was wrong with her and yet she never questioned why he was always there, wanting to help? I get grief being a cloud but what was it about Trent which made her decide to let her guard down? I'm not sure if this was ever made clear.Trent was a stalker. Kacey went from shutting the entire world out to changing her tune just because of dual-colored eyes. Although, I guess if I ever saw someone with turquoise flecks in their eyes, I might cave too because that's pretty damn unusual. Is he a supernatural creature? Maybe so, because guess what ladies...he can make you climax with just a look. No, I'm not kidding. I wish I were. I actually went and flipped back and forth a few pages to try and find out what made Kacey deduce that Trent was a "godlike creature" who "couldn't be a creep because he was too beautiful and too nice." Uh, what scene did I miss there? A brief encounter in the laundry room and a couple minutes of conversation? So how does the relationship build, you ask? Is it through long and meaningful conversations and poignant moments? Uh, no. Trent decides to show up at the strip club where Kacey works at and stare at her. Rinse, repeat...for shift after shift. Then in one of the few brief 'alone' moments, he comes up with this question -"Isn't it exhausting?""What?""Keeping people out."Maybe I'm too world-weary but if someone said that to me and I barely knew them, I'd probably laugh and say "who are you to assume that you know anything about me?" then walk away. Now, the stalking might have been kind of cute if Kacey worked at the local IHOP (that's a restaurant for those who don't have them where they live) and he showed up on occasion to order his morning coffee before heading off to work. But, nope. Avoiding the naked chicks so you can watch the chick at the bar serve drinks to horny men was just...bizarre? Oh, btw...Kacey got job at said bar with no test of her knowledge on how to make drinks, no trial run or training, and no paperwork. It was 'here's a rec from a friend' and she's in there working right away. Hey, I'm no bar expert, but I'd assume the person hiring would want to know if you can even make some basic drinks and might watch you for a sec? So when stalker guy finally gets close, these are the words which are supposed to make things better?"I'll make you whole again, Kacey. I promise you, I will," he whispers.Back the train up here. She's aware of the fact that when you're broken inside, another person can't make you whole, right? At least, she should be aware that another person can't banish your own personal demons (even if they can help you through the process as you learn to do it yourself).Her thoughts one paragraph later : Pushing inside me, making me whole.*Stacia lays her head down on the desk and tries out this 'ten tiny breaths' technique as shown in the book*I felt like the 'twist' was unnecessary and turned a touching story about one person's emotional recovery into something wrong, twisted, and useful only for the purpose of shock value. I guessed what was coming when Trent kept harping on how he was going to fix her. Why would this person who didn't even know her be so invested in needing to fix her unless he had a connection? So when it happened, I sort of groaned out loud and wished that things had gone differently. Why couldn't Trent have just been a normal guy who helped Kacey learn to start living again? Instead, we find out that he was just as screwed up as she was and that they were going to somehow try to work together to form a functioning relationship? Realistically, the book would have been better had Trent been put back into the hospital and he and Kacey never saw each other again.Because of my complaints, the ending bugged me. It was too easily solved. I don't mind "issues" books having a strong presence of romance but the romance needs to make sense. And this romance never quite made sense, given that these two people didn't ever really know each other.So where are my positives?The story was actually readable. The story was actually interesting. The story was actually moving at times. The secondary characters absolutely made the book for me and I'm glad that they were there. This book would have been AWESOME if the Storm/Kacey friendship had been the focus because the friendship part of the story was my favorite part. It's always nice to see when females can put away initial misgivings and learn to trust one another because this can be such a rare thing in the real world. If Storm (or Livie) had helped Kacey start to put the pieces back together instead of Trent, this could have been a "wow" book for me. Never, have I ever wished so much for a romance to go away than I have with this book. I would have loved to have seen a person find reasons to keep moving and keep seeking out help, other than through the urging of a 'godlike male.' The book was a good read but it could have been a great read without the romance...or if the romantic lead had come in much later in the book, after Kacey had already started the healing process, and been there for her through the later stages of recovery.Who might like this book? I'd say that it would work for just about anyone who loves books where romance is the primary focus. As a straight-forward love story (without picking apart the details like I have), it works. Even though I do enjoy romance, I generally put the story as a whole over the aspect of romance, so Ten Tiny Breaths only worked halfway for me. I expected more than what I got. Stacia's prediction : I see a future movie deal in the style of a Nicholas Sparks flick. Horrified men will be dragged along by their girlfriends to watch this on the big screen. Women will cry. Men will keep checking the time on their phones. I'm calling it now. This book provided from the publisher through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.