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Dark Frost (Mythos Academy)

Dark Frost  - Jennifer Estep How fitting that my happy place includes an Amazon box.I'm still running this marathon, getting ready to hit up book 4 before release.Reasons why this series continues to be awesome :1. Vic, the talking sword. The snarky, British weapon is still at it and I love him because of it (he gave me a scene where he said if he had a hand, he'd slap it to his forehead in disbelief). He even got into it with an enemy weapon."Lucretia!" Vic hissed at the sight of the other sword.Lucretia's burning red eye narrowed with hate. "Vic!" she snarled right back.~"Butter knife!" Lucretia crowed."Rusty spoon!" Vic snapped.2. Grandma Frost. I want her for a grandma. She can wield a sword like a badass, and still stop to put some baked goods on the table. Yes, she still reminds me of Grandma Redbird in a way, but *waves off haters* I don't care. 3. Fenris Wolves! Nott and Nyx...I need to cuddle. Do want!4. LOGAN 'the spartan' QUINN. Again, with the DO WANT! He is my hot warrior guy. I lurve him. Obsessive girl pic ahead...you've been warned. Logan was the kind of guy who could skewer you with a paper clip.5. Action packed scenes do not disappoint. No further clarification needed. I'm happy that there's more to this story than omgzroflhotguy!!! Not that I'm opposed to the hot guy because it's Logan Quinn, after all, but I like stories that hit me with more than just a romance.6. Mythology is fun. It always has been for me, even back when I was in school. I was excited to rediscover my love for mythology with the Percy Jackson series, and I'm even more excited to have it amped up now with extra fight scenes and a tortured romance. But it's not all sunshine and rainbows...1. Repetitive author is repetitive. Wow, it's bad. I mean, really bad. As in, details that we don't even need to have repeated for the sake of having our memory refreshed...yet they keep coming back...again and again. As well, I'm reallllly tired of hearing the term 'band geek.'2. Impossible scenarios are beaten far too easily. We're outnumbered and out-talented? No problem... Thankfully, these people aren't winning everything, or I'd be forced to cry foul. 3. My book copy glitched out on me to where I couldn't access a few chapters in the middle. I think I figured out what went down due to Estep's need to recap constantly, so it wasn't a huge deal.4. Needs less cutesy at times. Not a huge complaint, but some of the 'tension' from book 1 has turned too sweet for my liking. But I think there's potential for more to come..."What do you say we give them something to really cheer about, Gypsy girl?" Logan whispered.I arched my eyebrow. "Bring it on, Spartan."