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Proper Gauge (Wool, #2)

Wool 2: Proper Gauge - Hugh Howey Something had happened. A great and powerful thing had fallen out of alignment. And it had nothing to do with her generator.It won't spoil anything because I just posted the last two sentences of Wool 2 : Proper Gauge, but talk about another ending that knocked me on my ass...3.5 stars. Let's rewind. For most of the time spent reading, I had my son's voice (from when he was little) in my head saying what he'd always say after he'd caught me and my husband kissing, "EWWWW...OLD PEOPLE LOVE..."Wool 2 was about the possibility of second chances for two people (in their twilight years) who'd loved and lost. This new chapter itself wasn't as impressive as Wool 1 : Stacia was bug eyed over the ending (not the actual name), but I have the feeling that this was a bridge book used to showcase the inner workings of the silo. I also think that this story was used to reveal the political tensions which were simmering under the surface of this society. I'd consider Wool 2 to be mostly about world-building with an added dash of longing and a super pinch of "holy crap, now what?" thrown in for good measure. It was a slow starter, but the end delivered. When a book (chapter? section?) is under 100 pages, there's no real frustration over something being a slow starter. You don't have far to go before it picks up, after all.The complexity of the silo was impressive. I have no idea how these people figured out their underground living quarters but this city had it all :"Why don't we come down here more often?" she asked. Marnes grunted. "Because it's a hundred flights down?"Even though this installment didn't have the same gut punch as the first it was still interesting. If the ending is any indication, the brown stuff is about to hit the fan in Wool 3.